Please read the temporary employee agreement...

As a crewmember for Spectacular Productions, you provide an essential link to our clients that help us provide the best service that we can.  Our mission statement is "to provide the best quality services to our clients in an honest, ethical, competitive, & profitable manner, creating strong relationships with our clients, in an environment that is rewarding to our associates.”

 To achieve this there are some mandatory rules and regulations that we feel are of the uppermost importance, to ensure the safest and most productive work environment for you and our clients.

 1.        You are to report to the crew chief fifteen minutes before the call of each show.

 2.        You will be required to bring your own tools with you for each workday (i.e. wrench, screwdriver, knife, and gloves, etc.  A leatherman type tool is highly recommended.)

 3.    Unless told otherwise, the appropriate attire is jeans or shorts, closed toed shoes or boots.  T-shirts with vulgar language will not be allowed.

 4.    If you are working durring a show, you will be required to wear nice looking pants with no holes and shirt unless told otherwise.

 5.        It is essential that you show up for work, ready to work.  Showing up with a hangover, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or with disruptive behavior will only cause unsafe working conditions.  Anyone appearing at work in any of these conditions will be asked to leave the premises and will be replaced on the call.  There will be no further warnings.

 6.    Only the crew chief can cut you for lunch, breaks, and to go home for the day.

 7.    Smoking is only allowed on breaks in the designated areas.

 8.    When working in the shop, you are responsible for you own time sheet.

 9.    Our payroll week is from 5 p.m. Tuesday to 5 p.m. the following Monday.  The pay period is every two weeks.  Checks are issued and mailed out on Fridays.  Checks cannot be picked up at the office.  No exceptions will be made.  Unlike the previous policy, even if you work on Friday, your check will still be mailed to you.  If a stop payment needs to be made, it is the responsibly of the employee to pay the stop payment fee.

 10.    You are responsible for reporting any address or phone number changes.

 11.    The discussion of wages paid, including hourly or day rates to anyone is forbidden.

 12.    Direct any questions to Phillip Pitts or Travis Boggs.